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Chasing payments? Get healthcare claims paid with Cedar Consulting.


Cedar Consulting is here to help healthcare businesses get claims paid faster. We focus on expediting claims payment through persistent follow-ups, optimized automation, and operational analytics so you can get back to focusing on your practice and patients.

Operational Consulting

Cedar Consulting analyzes your current systems to optimize payment operations and decrease the probability of waste.

Claims Follow Up

Get an established follow-up plan for pursuing payment—Cedar Consulting assesses priority, leads follow-up efforts, and establishes cadence for reconciliation.


Cedar Consulting helps you understand and meet EVV requirements and manage data interchanges to payers to reduce turnaround time on payments.


Get a firm grasp of how your systems interact with those of others, to become confident in automating money going out and coming in.

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2729 Cambridge Street

Philadelphia, PA 19130

Tel: 412-862-5992

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About Us


Our team of experts has a decade of experience in Revenue Cycle Management in multiple industries including Home Health, Hospice, Medical Day Care and Behavioral Health.

Company Accomplishments

  • 95% collections rate across all current clients

  • Successful EMR Transitions across multiple clients

  • ERA and EFT transmission established for all clients

  • Successfully integrated EVV data transmission

Call us today for a free evaluation and get back to focusing on your practice!

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